DAVID KIRKPATRICK: The Internet of Everything, 7:30PM, December 6, 2013, The Salisbury School


David Kirkpatrick, former Fortune magazine senior editor and author of the best-selling The Facebook Effect will speak to us about social media and the future of the internet.

Mr. Kirkpatrick is now the founder and CEO of Techonomy Media, a company applying technology to the future of food and nutrition, healthcare, education, government, science, the arts, transportation, cities, infrastructure, communication, media, architecture, and indeed any sphere of human endeavor.

He says the Internet has done a good job of connecting the world, but he predicts it will soon allow objects to talk to each other through their software. “Through software and the supercomputing power of the Web we are about to see major changes in how everything works,” he says. Some of the things he presumes will be connected are lights, thermostats, coffee pots, shades, garage doors, washing machines, music systems and cars.

The Internet of Everything will require software that can make all kinds of devices intelligent. There are applications for the military, to produce more efficient energy systems and to connect all the many items we consumers use every day, he says. Kirkpatrick suggests our thermostat or home appliances may talk to our car. “If you get within a certain number of miles from home, your oven might start heating up or your humidifier would switch on,” he says.