LAST CALL AT THE OASIS: Sunday, January 27, 2013, 11:30AM, The Moviehouse, Millerton, NY


Like its predecessors, An Inconvenient Truth, Food Inc. and Waiting For Superman, Last Call At The Oasis is an emotionally involving portrait of the looming crisis surrounding water. Our supplies of water are dwindling as contamination and overuse rises. Based on the book The Ripple Effect by Alex Prud’homme, the documentary by Jessica Yu is an impassioned call to arms. Beginning in Nevada Last Call At The Oasis says that if Las Vegas continues to use the amount of water required for its dancing fountains and thousands of tourists nearby Lake Mead will be so depleted the Hoover Dam will be unable to generate electricity in four years. In California fishermen and farmers are in a heated debate over using the precious resources of water to irrigate the produce fields of the Central Valley or maintain fragile marine ecosystems. From polluted wells in Texas to enormous cattle feeding lots in Michigan to the Jordan River the film documents the complicated scientific, environmental and geopolitical issues facing our diminishing water supplies. Following the screening of the documentary Alex Prud’homme will discuss the issues raised by his book and the film.