END OF THE LINE: Sam Waterston at The Moviehouse in Millerton, NY, February 27, 2011, 11am


The Salisbury Forum in collaboration with the FilmWorks Forum of The Moviehouse in Millerton, NY is presenting the documentary film, End of the Line followed by a Q&A with Sam Waterston Actor/Activist on Sunday, February 27th, at 11 a.m. Waterston is best-known for his role as Jack McCoy on TV’s “Law and Order.” Waterston grew up in New England, where he saw the effects of fisheries collapses on the life of seaside towns; and presently is on the Board of Oceana. There’s no disputing this documentary’s dire warning: namely, if we don’t stop overfishing, within less than 40 years there’ll be no fish left to eat. Based on a book by Charles Clover, director Rupert Murray’s The End of the Line, narrated by Ted Danson, travels around the globe to illustrate the severity of the problem.