CIVIC LIFE PROJECT: Student Documentaries: 11:30 AM Sunday, June 11, 2017, The Moviehouse, Millerton, NY


If you think today's high school students think of nothing but social media and video games, wait until you see the mini-documentaries they are producing this year as part of the Civic Life Project. This program is designed to encourage area high school students to investigate current topics and find out how government involvement works.

Projects they are working on this year include: Combating the Stigma of Teen Depression and Suicide, The Militarization of Police Departments, The Unfairness of Pretrial Detention and The Bail System, Drinking And Driving After The Death of A Fellow Student and The Safety of Nuclear Energy and the Closing of Indian Point. 

The student directors and producers will be on hand to discuss their films after they are screened. You will be impressed by their knowledge and understanding of these complex subjects.