DEBORAH RICHTER: Healthcare for all Americans, December 8, 2006


December 8, 2006 at The Hotchkiss School’s Walker Auditorium: Dr. Deborah Richter, a family practitioner from Cambridge, Vermont, author, and Health Care Reform Activist in Montpelier, Vermont discussed “Healthcare for all Americans.” Dr. Richter has played a leading role in getting a comprehensive universal healthcare bill passed in the Vermont legislature.

Her research has examined the dysfunctional nature of parts of the American healthcare system. She has been a critic of the status quo and a strong advocate for universal healthcare. She is a past president of Physicians for a National Health Program and is president of Vermont Health Care for All. Dr. Richter co-authored a book, “At the Crossroads: The Future of Health Care in Vermont” (2005) with former Health and Human Services Secretary Cornelius Hogan and Journalist Terry Doran. This Forum was cosponsored by The Foundation for Community Health.